Professional Practice Review Program


The program will establish a network of managers and leaders throughout Australia who come together to present and discuss their own workplace related cases with peers. This program will be open to specialist medical managers (Fellows of the RACMA) and Associate Fellows (AFRACMA). It is estimated that 6-10 managers and one or two facilitators will be involved in each program.

The Professional Practice Review Program (PPRP) facilitates peer consultation and discussion in a group format for the purposes of professional development and support in the specialist practice of medical administration.


The program aims are to:

    • Gain a broader understanding of management and leadership related issues.
    • Create a safe and supportive network that can be utilised as a supportive resource for medical managers.
    • Develop critical appraisal skills when analysing cases presented by other colleagues.
    • Improve communication and collaborative skills building collegiality amongst the participants.
    • Communicate effectively with peers from inter professional backgrounds.
    • Build relationships with other medical managers, both locally and across Australia – reducing professional isolation.
    • Recognise that although peers often have different management and leadership skills, many of their strategies and qualities can be integrated into another’s personal style and situation.
    • Improve the competence of participants engaging in the program.
    • Enhance participating members’ professional satisfaction and quality of service that they provide to their community.
    • Provide an audit and peer review program that is designed to be relevant for the medical administration specialty and the development for medical managers.
    • Completion of one PPRP will met the annual RACMA CEP Audit and Peer Review Standard requirements (15 points).


Initialling three topics relevant to medical administration will be offered; Open Disclosure, Senior Medical Performance Systems and Challenges, Multi Source Feedback for Leadership DevelopmentAdditional audit and/or peer review programs will be offered to meet member requirements. In February these are: Preparation for Accreditation Audit and Peer review for solo practitioners and business owners. The methodologies for these programs will differ.

Further topics will be developed, including programs that will respond to the professional development needs of managers, leaders, advisors, consultants, locums, and other medical administration roles.

The program will consist of the following elements:

    1. Pre-program teleconference
    2. Professional Practice Audit
    3. Face to face peer discussion
    4. Post-discussion teleconference
    5. Development and submission of a 12 month professional development plan
    6. Award of 15 CPD points and the annual Audit and Peer Review CEP Standard requirement met


The program will be offered three times per year, with the face to face peer discussion held at RACMA’s seasonal professional development forums.

Program topic offerings will be varied throughout the year.

Each program will run over an indicative time frame for completion of the program.

Program Schedule One (Summer PD Forum – 23-25 February 2017)

November 2016 - 31 January 2017 Registration into the program
1 February 2017Allocation into a peer group
1 February - 20 February 2017Pre-program teleconference (program guidelines and objectives are discussed and agreed)
Conduct workplace audit
23, 24, 25 February 2017Face to face peer discussion at Summer PD Forum
15 - 30 March 2017Post-peer discussion teleconference
30 April 2017Submission of 12 month professional development plan


Total cost of a Professional Practice Review Program: $1,350 ex GST.

Costs for travel and accommodation to attend the face to face peer discussion will be borne by the participant.